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How is this: Our daughter is so excited to go to Ark Row, she grabs her backpack in the morning and runs to the door yelling school, school! When I go to pick her up after a long morning, I look thru the window and she’s dancing. She truly loves being at school and its easy to see why.

Rachel works so hard to have a new activity for the kids every day and the art projects our daughter comes home with are so creative and fun. I swear every day she comes home I see something new she has learned. One day she's humming Frère Jacques in the car, and another day she saying thank you when someone gives her something. All things she learned at school.

I really can’t say enough about how much we love Ark Row. We are so grateful for Rachel, her program and her amazing teaching staff.

Both of my girls attend Ark Row Kids and are totally thriving there. They don’t even look back as they push through the door to arts & crafts, play time and learning. Rachel and her staff are so caring and engaging with all the kids, I’m so grateful for everything they do and both my girls and I absolutely love them. 


Founder of Arkrow kids


Hi Rachel.  I have been meaning to write to tell you how happy it makes me see how you have continued in the spirit of how I began Ark Row Center for Kids. I am the original owner.  It is a joy to see the space I created and a lot of the furniture and materials enjoyed by happy little faces.  You are doing a beautiful job, and I am sure Mrs. Zelinsky is also thrilled. So to see you offering all these classes and all the beautiful projects warms my heart.  When I moved to Tiburon in 2010 and noticed that little house, I knew it was the perfect place for children.  I had so much fun fixing it up and creating a little center.  Now to see it thriving, in the same way, is so rewarding.  Thank you for what you’ve done and for providing a space of warmth and caring for kids to flourish.  I had a long career owning three preschools before opening Ark Row.  Now several of my early students are grown, married, and have children of their own!!! I am sure it is lovely to have your daughters with you as well.  I wish you continued success in the new year, and thank you for what you have brought to Ark Row.  With warm regards, Robin Briskin ( First Owner of Ark Row


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